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Inappropriate Touching
Well your day surely wasn't go all that great.    You just received a call from your  child's principal  .  Please come to the school at once.
Now is not the time to "vent".  This is the time you must think clearly.    Listen to what school faculty has to say.
The anger you are feeling must be contained !  The attitude of everyone is out to harm my child must be contained.
You need to show that you are sincere and want to get answers as well.  If there is a problem you need to know.
Many  times just simply seeing a professional  will get you the answers you  seek.
Walking into the Principal's office with anger will do more harm to your child than imaginable.
Crisis situations will occur in life. The way you deal with them will define your childs future.
Not knowing what to do and letting anger in makes you human.
When choosing a professional  you want them well received at school.
If you were out of line and lost your temper go in person and apologize.
You must show your sincerity. The hiring of a professional shows this.
The sole goal of a mental health professional to avoid this situation again.
The hiring of a professional is not to justify your child's inappropriate action's.
What you seek are answers and solutions.
Your goal is to make sure child's superiors realize proper etiquette will be enforced.
Your job as a parent or guardian is to correct your child. Guide them. Educate them
You are taking the time to teach your child proper etiquette.
This shows not only your child you have good intentions, but his peer's as well