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The Children Whisperer
Give your Children the Gift of a Great Future!!
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Children Services

Toddler Therapy: Give your Children the Gift of a Great Future

Treatment Includes:

Parenting therapy along with toddlers'  therapy, so parents can help children improve behaviors and maintain positive change for the rest of their lives.

Toddlers learn skills that will allow them to change or stop disruptive behaviors, tantrums, bouts of crying, anger or anxiety, sadness and attachment issues.

Very effective treatment for newly or seasoned adoptive parents.

Therapy dog helps children to want to come back for therapy. 
Working dog also helps children to learn and practice skills by handling the extremely well-trained canine.
Toddlers and children learn to recognize how it is like to be focused, assertive and calm by working with therapy dog.

Puppets, drawings, and music are included to help young children find their most comfortable way to express themselves.
Puppets make it easier for children to show their thoughts and emotions.